Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Children's Clothes - in Positano

The last 4 days of our holiday were spent on the Amalfi coast. We stayed 4 nights in Sorento. In hind sight I wish I had booked a hotel in Positano. Sorento is lovely but I preferred Positano is all.

Highlight was the shopping in Positano. The cotton and linens were beautiful.

Once store in particular. Nadir. You can find them at I really loved their style and the way they combined cottons and lace. I bought a couple of pieces for myself and a couple of dresses for Liv. I am hoping to stock some of their items when I get my store up and running, the owners were very keen. So stay tuned because soon you will be able to get their amazing children's clothes here in Australia without having to go all the way to Positano (mind you any excuse to go there is a good one in my book)

Other highlights, driving along the winding cliff top roads into Amalfi, the Blue Grotto in Capri, the Caprese salads and the amazing fresh fish served (mainly Sea bass) to name a few.

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Modern Day Mummying said...

A gorgeous place isn't it! I've never been myself but my brother and his wife have been on a few trips and always bring back beautiful clothes for my little girl!