Saturday, June 30, 2012

tissues please

Yes this is me at the moment. Attached to my tissues box. I have a bit of a head cold. Not feeling the best.
Back to bed.....


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Run Forrest Run!

On a personal note I have started running. Let me explain something first. I am not a runner and never have been. But I am trying to become one. I am running with a group of women called the Cougers. We run from Coogee beach on various routes around the area. We run on Thursdays at the crazy time of 5.45am. I initially thought that this was just insane but it really is the best time to run. Last week as the sun was coming up there were dolphins frolicking in the ocean.. amazing. The first week I walked the distance and this morning (week 5) I ran the whole way for the first time. It worked out to 5.3kms. I am so proud of myself and my running buddies Jane and Lisa.

Are you a runner? How did you become a runner?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Loopylu online store coming

Loopylu children's wear is an online store selling Australian designed me!!!
I have three children and I feel that there are lots of lovely clothes out there but not all are affordable. The affordable brands are very generic and everyone is wearing them. Those that are a little different are very expensive.
I went to a store (popular brand) to buy my 8yr old boy something new. He doesn't need a lot of clothes because he goes to school and plays weekend sport. So he wears his school uniform, soccer, football and basketball uniforms most times during the week. In saying that he does need clothes that he can wear to the odd party, dinner outing or trip to the shops. Something that makes a statement about him but doesn't cost me a fortune.
So we hit out local Westflield's to find a pair of casual shoes ($120), a pair of cargos ($89) and a long sleeve casual top ($79). Now is it just me or is that a lot of money for one outfit for an 8yr old. I will say though that his choice was great and he looks great and loves wearing his new clothes as he feels like he owns it and I love the fact that what he chose is a direct expression of him.

So in comes my idea and online store. Don't get too excited as it probably won't be ready for any purchases until November but I will show my stuff along the way as things get designed.

Here is a sneak preview of a couple my designs.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Name the Bird

I am green, friendly and in need of a name. Can you help me?

What is she doing now?

Ok so we are still a couple of months away from launching my new business but I thought it would be nice to share some of my journey with you.
Starting a business isn't new to me as I already run a successful design agency in Surry Hills in Sydney. Fresco Creative, (you can see our work here ) has been going for 13 big years and is still going strong and keeping me on my toes. Like any business there are good and bad times but Fresco, I must say seems to be a lot more good than bad. It works in perfectly with my life as a mother of three little monkey's. Jack, Olivia and Angus.
So... I hear you ask why is she starting something new????
I love a challenge
I am an Aries
I love being creative
I love being busy
I love designing
I love colour
I love childrens fashion

So follow my journey, you may learn a thing or two or even better offer me some great ideas as well.