Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Loopylu update

So hopefully things will be available soon online. I have finally got all of my summer stock, I am shooting it this week and hopefully getting it online next week....

stay tuned...

It is exciting but I am also slightly apprehensive... the usual doubts pop into my head. What if nobody likes my designs, will the website run smoothly etc. I know all completely normal feelings and thoughts. Only natural when you start something new and I am a true believer of always stepping outside of my comfort zone and living every moment as it comes and experience as much as I can each day. Probably why I have managed to build a successful graphic design agency. My business partner and I are always reinventing ourselves and our business and always exploring new ideas. Keeps us motivated, current and inspired. Check it out. www.frescocreative.com.au

Anyway I am willing to give it a go and just see. Thank you for your support to date. Let me know your thoughts and feedback.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Byron Bay

It has taken a wee while to back into the swing of things since returning from our amazing holiday in Byron Bay.

I just love this place. Something so magical about it. We stayed in the Hinterland in a town called Federal which is west of Byron. About a 25min drive.

We love staying in the Hinterland as there is some much space for the kids to roam and play. We stayed in a gorgeous Queensland style home - Ammamead. The design and feel of the place was just lovely. What I would like to emulate when we design our new home.

So why do I love Byron so much? I think it is because it caters for everyone and the beaches, food, shopping and vibe is just perfect. From Byron markets on a Sunday, to surfing at the Pass, to eating burgers at the Top Shop, to strolling the streets of Bangalow what is there not to love.

The lease favourite thing for me was a day trip to 'Wet and Wild' on the Gold Coast. I am not a theme park person so this was huge for me... but boy oh boy did the kids have a great time. Me on the other had  fun in seeing their little faces - smiles from ear to ear. Not something I plan on doing again anytime soon though.

The kids went fishing, swam in local watering holes, surfed, look for lady beetles, went slip and sliding, hiked, ate, cooked and generally had a ball. They loved it.

I love the closeness you feel after being on holidays together. 1 0days away together is special and hopefully builds amazing memories for my children as well.

Looking to book again next September.