Friday, November 16, 2012

beads and peacock chairs

so what do you think of these gorgeous beads? They will be for sale on my online store once it goes live... hopefully in the next 7days. I have them for sale at $4.95 for a wooden or plastic bead bracelet, a great price compared to other major online retailers (which I will remain nameless) selling them for $9.95.

and my latest obession is the gorgeous 70's peacock chair.
you can buy them here
or here

love the candy colours. what would you choose?

I don't what colour I would choose. I am all things yellow at the moment but I am so torn. All colours have a place in my heart. I probably won't buy one new as I am thinking I will search for a pre-loved one on ebay... I love a challenge, one I find one then I can decide on the colour. If by the time we are ready to furninsh (which is a good 2 yrs away I suspect) I will bite the bullet and buy a newbie.
In the meantime I will continue with my latest obsession of the fabulous and cool peacock chair.

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