Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some recent pic of my family

As you know we moved house and are now living about 5 minutes walk to one of the nicer places on Sydney's shoreline. We are making the most of it. Looking for crabs, jumping into bogey holes, swimming, boating and just generally having fun in the sun by the sea. I am the luckiest person going at the moment. Don't get me wrong life can be tough. Very tough. But I am not one to dwell on negative thoughts and actions.
Welcome to my new backyard.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Resent purchases from Ikea and Anthropologie

Two recent purchases: one from Ikea and one from Anthropolgie.
As mentioned in a previous post I am into white at the moment. So no surprise that two of my recent buys are white.
The white orchard is from Ikea. I know who goes to buy Orchards from Ikea. I didn't plan as I went to buy curtain rods.
The owl is from Anthropologie. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this store. We are heading to NYC later this year so I can't wait to visit and buy and save on postage.

What have you bought recently?

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Simple Things Magazine

I am loving this new magazine. It is great. Although in Australia we are experiencing a different season to what's being mentioned in the magazine as it is a UK based publication. Regardless there are loads of great and inspiring ideas.

As a graphic designer the layout of the stories and recipes is superb. I take my hat off to the designer and creative director.

The photography is gorgeous, recipes delicious and stories interesting.

So if you are in need of a new magazine to subscribe to then this is a good one.

Happy reading.

My work neighbourhood - Surry Hills

I love living by the beach. It is so lovely.

I do like though also having the opportunity to come to Surry Hills twice a week for work. My design studio, Fresco Creative, is located on Holt St amongst so many cool cafes, restaurants and shops.

What I love about Surry Hills is its diversity. The suburb is a buzz with families, groovers, designers, newspaper people (News Limited is down the road). Basically a real ecelctic mix of personalites, careers and people of different walks of life.

Some cool places to visit in Surry Hills.

You will always find the perfect gift at this store. It is located in the heart of Surry Hills, paper2 is a beautiful boutique paper store owned by graphic designer, Margaret Rockliff. In pursuit of her passion for paper and stationery, Margaret searches far and wide, collecting the most innovative and luxurious paper creations the globe has to offer. As well as delivering products from Tokyo, London, Frankfurt and New York, paper2 also stocks it’s own range of products, all designed and printed in-house. 
You can buy online.

There are amazing places to eat
For some delicious breads, cakes, sausage rolls and sandwiches check out

Something more fancy I would suggest Movida's. But book ahead. The tapas is innovative and not to mention delicious.

I buy my coffee here on the days that I am in the office. Their freshly baked muffins and little breakfast tarts are  delicious and I try very hard to not to by one every time I buy my coffee. I limit myself to one a week. The staff here are lovely and so hospitable. Oh and if you do visit have a look at the light/vase display above the bar. Very cool.

Yummy and classic Thai food. You will pay a little more but you also get a little more when it comes to flavour.

So that is very brief snap shot of why I love working in Surry Hills. All of these places are within a 5 min walk from our office. There are so many more amazing place to visit if I had more time on my days in the office. In saying that though I love our little neighbourhood and the people that make it what it is.

I'll doing shopping separately. There are few great shops on Crown street which I want to share.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bespoke Rugs in Australia

We are in the market for a new rug. I find rug buying very difficult and costly.

I want something that is neutral and natural that would suit the beach feel I am trying to create for our home. The problem I have is whether I go contemporary or more traditional. What do you think?
This company is amazing as you have so much control of the perfect rug.
Only problem is there is so much choice.

Above are some of my favourites so far but still so much more to trawl through and some final measurements of the space.

This site allows you to change colour, pile height and dimensions. A price is calculated based on the information you provide AND only 6 weeks delivery....

Check them out