Sunday, October 21, 2012

Making Clothes in Bali - so far so good

I received all my samples today from my manufacturer. They are great... better than great. There a few minor tweaks and one of the pieces I want to add some embroidery which I had to draw and send to her with cotton thread samples.

I am most excited about the board shorts though. My short design using fabric that I have designed so completely original. They look unreal and I hope they will be a good seller. I have a good feeling they will.

Today I did a bit of retail therapy. My mum and I walked the streets of Seminyak (4hrs). Always great clothes, bags, shoes and jewellery. I bought some lovely pieces and had to say not to many many more. A true test of will power.

Tomorrow we are heading to Ubud for the day. I last went to Ubud when I was 18... and well I am hitting the big 40 in March so that was some time ago. I wonder if it has changed a lot. My guess is it has like most of Bali. Still there is a magic here in Bali that I am drawn to. The people in this amazing country are so special and the food is also something to enjoy. Last night we went to the local night market and had fresh fish and prawns cooked on a charcoal grill by the side of the road. The meal cost $9.00 for one whole fish, 10 prawns, rice, vegetables and water x 2,  the karaoke was thrown in for free... it was so entertaining.

My time in Bali is proving so far to be very productive and educational... but boy oh boy am I missing my family. I don't find it easy being away from them.

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