Monday, October 22, 2012


Today we left early and asked our driver to take us to Ubud. I last went to Ubud 22 years ago and yesterday I wondered if it had changed and the answer is YES. I am generally ok with change but the changes to Ubud were a little too much for me. The main street leading up from the monkey forest was lined with boutiques and there were so many tourist buses that blocked the streets which made the streets super busy and unsightly. I was a little sad.

So we didn't stay long as I found it all a bit much so I asked our driver to take us through the rice paddy fields and this was lovely... more what I wanted to see and feel. The peacefulness and nature was just lovely. Our driver then took us to see Ketut Liyer. The famous medicine doctor for Eat Pray Love.

Ok so I loved this book so I thought yep I'll give it a go. Well I can't help but feel a little disappointed with the experience. He is a lovely friendly and funny man who told me good things.

He read my palm and told me:
1. I will live to 100
2. I am smart
3. I am impatient
4. I will have lots of money
5. I can work in any profession.
6. I have been married before (not sure who to... as far as I know I have only been married once)
7. I have three children (this is after he asked me how many children  I have)

So then he looked at my face and told me i have happy and lucky face. I have two creases between my brow which makes me lucky.

He told be to turn around and looked at my shoulders and said I am healthy.

Then looked at my knees and said I am lucky and had no arthritis (thank god as I am only 40)

and for this I paid $25...

When we got in the car mum and I discussed what we heard and well guess what... she was told the same things. Are genetics that strong??? The image below is of my mum having her palms read.

I feel juped bit it was an experience and something I can tick off my bucket list and glad I did it.

After Ubud our driver took us to a fantastic fabric store in Kuta Central. I bought some sample fabric from Italy and Japan. Really lovely cotton voile. Just what I love. Well priced and so beautiful. I bought enough just to make samples. If they prove to be popular I can order more and have a complete range made. I think people will like the fabric as it is so soft and natural and not to mention original. Everything a mum wants in clothing for their children.

And then to top off a great day I indulged myself in a 90min massage at Jenari Menari. If you are ever in Bali you must get a massage from this place. You pay a little more than the cheaper spas... but at least once you should experience a Jenari Menari massage. Your body will love you.

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