Monday, October 8, 2012

Kids Clothes Online - Sneak Peak

I am heading off to Bali next week to manufacture my very first line of clothing. I am so excited. I really don't want to get on another plane (flights to Europe turn me off flying for at least 6 months)  but there is only one way of me getting myself to Bali and back in record time.

I had my second batch of samples delivered to me on Friday and they are great. Only a few minor changes to be made which my pattern maker is doing as we speak.

Size pips have been ordered.

Still need to book accommodation. I am pretty relaxed about this as I am not fussed on where I stay as long as it is central to the garment making factories all is good. Usually I am very particular on my accommodation choices as I am travelling with 3 kids or travelling sans kids and want some serious luxury to relax and unwind with hubby. But this time none of the above come into the equation.

We got back from Byron yesterday after a full day in the car. The kids were great. We only had to stop once for lunch and then we were back on the road. The older two slept for about 1 hr and Angus my ever ready battery 2yr old fell asleep as soon as we hit our home suburb. He lasted the whole 10hrs. It turned out great as we just bundled him up  and put him straight to bed and didn't hear form him again until 7am this morning.

So these pics were taken on my iphone in a very rushed manner so not the best shots... Missy Moo will be my model when I take the proper shots.

drop waist dress - cotton voile and jersey top 

shirred layerd dress 
kaftan top


Courtney said...

Why hello! thanks so much for stopping by my nook to have a look at my art, I thought I'd do the same! lovely little blog you have, and what an amazing experience to be able to design and mass market clothing! Much luck on your trip to bali! have had a lovely time reading through past posts! xx Courtney
Little Raven Ink

Loopylu -lu said...

Thanks Courtney. I love your work and I also love following your post. It is great. I am excited about my new venture it is something I have always wanted to do.

Ritu Gupta said...

Very nice post....

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