Thursday, September 13, 2012

a little overwhelmed

Ok so I have just over 4 weeks to get a lot organised before I head to Indonesia in mid October to meet manufacturers and get my first line of clothing made.
my list so far:
• get samples made, fitted and alterations communicated to my pattern maker
• have rest of the sizes graded on computer
• size pips made
• order packaging bags for mail orders
• design and print stickers
• book accommodation in Bali
• wash all fabrics
• sort out mailing of goods from Bali
• and the biggie get website built (last developer took three months to do nothing and then pulled the pin just as I was leaving to go to Italy....)

this is why I am feeling a little overwhelmed. On top of this I have three kids and also a decent sized graphic design agency to run.

but I know it will all get done, done well and done in time. I like being busy.

I am not looking for sympathy as I have just spent the most amazing 2 weeks in the beautiful Italy which I will share at a later date.  I just need to download some pics and get through all the washing first.


Shannon said...

no you are just not doing enough...clearly!! good luck with your multi tasking.

Loopylu -lu said...

Getting through my list... am seeing light at the end of the tunnel now. Feeling a lot better