Thursday, August 23, 2012

Things are moving along

My sample patterns have arrived and I am visiting my pattern maker tomorrow.
I used a lovely pattern maker, her name is Elizabeth Sonter. I strongly recommend her.
She has been extremely helpful in advising the best way to do things and also recommended a great sample maker. I am doing my sample size as a children's size 6. Mainly so my daughter can fit them for me and can also model them for the photo shoot.
The plan is that while I am eating gelato in Italy she can be working away on the samples so that when I get back I will fit them on Olivia and any modifications I can Elizabeth to correct, modify. Once the patterns are perfect she can start grading the patterns on computer for me to take to the manufacturer.

Also on the web front, remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that this was trucking along. Well not so ... I am at the beginning again, yep starting from scratch and waisted a lot of time and energy and thankfully no money. The developer I used just pulled the pin. He decided he didn't have the resources to finish my project (basically got a bigger job from someone else). Go figure. I have been in business for 13 years and I am constantly amazed by the short sightedness of some new business owners. They are cocky and have no idea about relationships and how to build trust etc.

Thats a whole blog post in itself.
So now I am in the process of finding another developer. Any suggestions?

Anyway excited stuff is the samples about about to start.

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