Saturday, September 15, 2012

Roman Holiday

The various faces of Roma

How wonderful is Rome. I have been in Italy for the last two weeks. Oh how much I love this country. Our first stop was Rome. Stu and I spent 4 wonderful nights in Rome. We walked, ate, shopped and saw the sites. I have been to Rome before so I have seen all the ruins, colloseums, vaticans, fountains and steps BUT it was Stu's first time as an adult and well I saw them all again. I didn't mind as I still managed to do what I wanted to do in Rome. All I wanted to do was eat and experience the the cool vibe that this city oozes.

We stayed at a fabulous small boutique hotel on Via del Babuino. It is in the best location in between Piazza Del Poppolo and Via Condotti (which is where all the fab shops are). It is part of the luxury hotels group and called Babuino 181. I would definitiely recommend this hotel but don't just take my word, it has raving reviews on trip advisor.

We ate at some amazing restaurants a well. La Pergola is Romes best restaurants and they claim possibly Italy's Not sure about that claim. But it was amazing and very special. Service and food was impeccable as was the astonishing view of Rome. A must when you next visit Rome.

I didn't shop too much as most shops were stocking all Autumn and Winter clothes which I just couldn't do considering we had just finished winter and I want to save my cash for new summer clothes. I did nab a few summer pieces on sale and some pants which I can wear from now until summer really heats up.

Next up are out 6 nights in Tuscany.
Stay tuned.

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