Monday, September 17, 2012

samples on their way

Remember my to do list the other day? Well things are going well.
Samples are due back to me on Thursday. Kay the sample maker is a super star.
Website is on its way. I ended up going through Shopify to build my website. I am doing it myself which is fine as I am a Graphic Designer so I hope I know a thing or two about good design.
What else....

Still need to get size pips made which I will send artwork tomorrow and should take about a week.
Bali accommodation. Any suggestions. Nothing too exe as it is a business trip and I am going to be running around a lot so won't be sitting by the pool endlessly reading a book. But centrally located important and clean and nice.

So things are moving a long. Boxes are being ticked and I am feeling calmer about it all.

Happy face for me

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