Saturday, November 17, 2012

sowing the seeds

This morning the kids and I planted our seeds into little seedling pots. The plan is that the seeds germinate and grow into little seedlings ready for us to plant into our vege garden once it is ready.

We planted seeds for carrots, sunflowers, lettuce, garlic chives, broccoli and cucumber. We still have tomatoes, basil and parsley to do.

Liv and I bought the seedling trays and seed raising soil mix this morning from Bunnings. We then came home, after a coffee stop at Gusto's, to plan the seeds.

the stuff

putting the seed raising soil in the trays

planting the sunflower seeds

busy little gardeners

stay tuned. Such a great thing to do with the kids... they can't for the seeds to sprout. Liv seems to think it might be tomorrow, most don't sprout for at least 6 weeks so around Christmas time. A life time for a 6 year old.

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