Thursday, October 25, 2012

one of those special days

Today was a special day for no particular reason. This morning I cleaned the house for our inspection which was fine. I did inside while Stu did outside.

From here I met some friends for coffee and a chat at a local cafe. Then went to another friends house as I was homeless by this stage (inspection time).

By this stage it was time to take my little man home for a sleep. While he slept I caught up on some blogs and emails and did some work on my online store.

In no time 3.00pm came around and it was time to pick up Liv and take her to Jazz. She didn't want to go but a little ice-block treat did the trick and it was all smiles when we got there.

We got home by 5.00pm and Stu and the other two were home, Jack has speech and drama after school on a Thursday. It was time to put wood in the Pizza oven and make pizzas which we enjoyed outside with some mini Conetto's. I had made the pizza dough whilst chubs was asleep so it was al lready to go when I walked in the door.

Kids are all bathed, dinner done, Jack reading, Liv writing her news and chubs having his bottle.

Such a nothing day but a special day as I am with my family and doing the simple things which makes me happy.

some great recipes and the pizza dough basic recipe is unreal

must be "00" flour sifted
having fun in the sun in our backyard

end product

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