Thursday, August 16, 2012

The loopylu brand

Following on from yesterdays post I though it would be helpful to explain the theory and strategy behind the loopylu brand.

The font is century gothic. It is a sans-serif typeface. I chose this typeface because it is easy to read with simple clean lines and perfectly curved circles. It is appealing to children and therefore a perfect fit for a children's product.
 Colour theory and colour psychology are most important. Quite often what people often think about when they think of a brand are the colours. I consider it important in that it can quickly identify the tone of your business. Why did I choose purple and green.
Purple is associated with creativity and green represents growth, development and motivation. These two colours combined work harmoniously and complement each other both visually and through their meanings. 
I have also chosen an icon as part of my logo. The bird will play a role in the brand and it will in time become identifiable on its own. The bird is fun, easily recognisable and in modern society birds symbolize hope and freedom because they have wings which allow them to fly away to a new beginning.

I hope this give you a little insight to the thoughts behind my logo. These elements will then be rolled out across all of the business marketing and promotional material. Stay tuned.


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