Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's in a brand

Well this is what I do and have been doing for sometime so I feel I understand a lot about the importance of a brand. Many companies place more importance on the service or product of their business but don't spend enough time or money on the brand essence of their business. I have seen this problem so many times and fixed many bad brands.
A brand is so much more than a logo. It is your business, it evokes emotion, thought and inspiration. If done correctly it separates your business from the rest.
Your product is important, so if you have a fantastic product with little or no brand identity/awareness then you will only go so far.
Your brand is who and what you are... in my case I am going to be selling children's clothes. So the brand needs to be appealing to mums and dads. It needs to look professional, simple and relatable. The colours need to work with the target audience and the product for which I am selling. The product once available needs to be perfect, quality tested, well made and live up to the expectation of the brand. The two work hand in hand.
Bad press can affect the brand and a bad brand can affect the product. 

Think Britney Spears.. how much damage has she done to her brand of late... it is going to take a lot of hard work to repair the damage.

I own design agency in Surry Hills Sydney. We develop a lot of brands for a complete range of clients. I can't stress enough the importance of doing this well and long before you are ready to launch your business. Even though I do this for my clients on a daily basis I have spent many, many, many (you get the picture) hours go over my brand, getting it right, testing it with my target audience and so on. Yes I am lucky in that I can do it myself thus save some cash but then I need to spend my money on other areas of my business that I am not an expert on like pattern making, sample making and web development. We can't be an expert on everything and I am a true believer that you must get the mix right and contract to the best that you can afford.

I have added a couple of logo's that we have done here at Fresco Creative.

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