Sunday, November 11, 2012

happy birthday my princess

Today my little girl turns 6. She was so excited that she ran upstairs with grin from ear to ear to wake us up to tell us it was her birthday.

She is such a ray of sunshine, kind, caring, loves cooking, is a great swimmer (we call her a super fish), loves craft and drawing, loves school, is a thoughtful little sister and a patient big sister and bring such amazing joy to our family. We just love her to bits.

So happy birthday my little angel. Mummy and daddy love you so much and so proud of you.

We look forward to celebrating many more wonderful birthday and pizza parties. A tradition in this house that we have done since Jack was 1yrs old. So this afternoon/evening we will be cranking up the woodfired oven and rolling out pizza dough and making our famous pizzas for my family and Stus family.

Off to make the dough... If you have any topping suggestions please let me know. Always on the look out for good ideas for pizza topping. So please let me know your tips and tricks.

Olivia at different stages of her life

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